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Freedom To Freelance * Download NOW only $3.96 *

Whether you're just starting down the long road to becoming a freelance writer, or a writing veteran who's intimidated by today's ever-growing World Wide Web (of Writing), Freedom to Freelance is the book for you.

  Written by a full-time freelance writer who is currently making a living from home, this book is packed with practical, how-to information you can start using today! From the best writer's market Web sites to combing the local newspaper for hidden freelancing opportunities, 

  Freedom to Freelance reveals how to GET, FIND and KEEP your next freelance job. Included at the beginning of each chapter is a helpful Top-5 list encompassing everything from tips on how to write a query letter to the best ways to keep a deadline. 

  Following each chapter is a "Writer's Recap," which outlines the chapter in an easy to skim format for future reference. So if you're frustrated with freelancing, concerned about contributing, and mad about markets, read Freedom to Freelance and set your earning potential as a freelance writer free!

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