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Getting a Freelance Job With a Proposal That Stands Out

Your proposal is much like a resume. Your pitch is your basic "Objective". To stand out from the rest you will need to target the employer's specific needs for the job you are bidding on.

Provide a brief background about yourself and your experience relevant to the job you are trying to get. Supply samples of your work, suitable to this job. This can be pictures, audio or visual samples or links to your personal site if you have one.

* Customizing your proposal this way will make you stand out from your competitors. You will need to demonstrate that you are in tune with what their needs are.

* You are competing for this job so if this is one of your first jobs you are applying for make sure to quote a good price.

* Quick responses to the employer's questions will give you the opportunity to close the deal before your competition.

* Your proposal is what will get your foot in the door so make it good and apply with confidence.

There are plenty of employers willing to hire you. More than 10% of the jobs posted on a weekly basis are given to new freelancers. A customized proposal will make your work stand out from all the generic proposals.

There is a resource directory with more tips and resources for getting jobs and managing your work at Elance University" under the Resource tab on Elance website.

Good luck and happy freelancing!

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